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Partnering Dependability With Creativity Since 1979

With nearly 40 years’ worth of designing and landscaping beautiful backyards and lawns to their credit, RCLcanada continues to build a solid reputation as the go-to landscape contractor in Edmonton and area.

Why RCLcanada? Because we’re family-owned and operated since 1979, the finished products you see are 100% completed by their own staff, with no sub-contracting. This means controlling every aspect of every project, from concept to completion, guaranteeing the highest quality work, done safely and efficiently, on time and on budget.

Are you ready for a new backyard? Think your property has some unfulfilled potential just waiting to be discovered? Are you considering building a deck, adding a rock garden or installing a water fountain but don’t have a clue where to begin?

At RCLcanada, we have been Edmonton’s best residential landscaping company for nearly 40 years so we know how to turn your unused yard space into a lovely, inviting oasis.

During your free consultation, you get to tell us what your ideal outdoor living space looks like. This is the time to dream! Flower gardens, rock gardens, trees and shrubs, fire and water features, fences and decks, outdoor kitchens, built-in irrigation systems, the options are endless!

You’ll walk us through the space so we can catch your vision and also start to think about some of the practical considerations, like yard size and shape.

Then we will sit down and come up with a project outline, including a list of must-have features, items you are hoping to include and things you definitely don’t want. We will talk about your budget, estimated construction start and end dates and any concerns you might have.

We next take that project outline and write up an initial quote for you to consider. We like to keep everything open and above board at RCLcanada. We realize that no one likes surprises when it comes to things like budgets and construction schedules.

Once you have approved the initial quote, the project enters the design phase. This is where the magic really happens! RCLcanada employs experienced, professional landscape architects who create the perfect design to take your yard from blah to beautiful!

Meanwhile, other RCLcanada staff begin sourcing out suppliers, materials and plants to create the features for your yard. This is the phase where we consult with you to finalize things like colour, texture, style and quality. For example, will your deck be built from treated laminate or natural wood? What colour rocks do you want in the pond? Do you want spruce trees or birch planted in the front yard?

When the design has been finalized and the materials sourced, we write up a final quote for you to approve and sign off on. This is really important because once you sign off on that final quote, we don’t make any changes unless absolutely necessary! Again, we don’t believe in surprising our clients with sudden changes to cost or timeline.

One other thing, we like to work efficiently and avoid moving crews and equipment when we don’t have to. This means that once we arrive in your yard and start construction, we will be there every day until the project is completed. Our crews don’t go back and forth between projects, they take on one job at a time and finish what they are doing before moving on to the next client. By doing things this way, we save time and money, for us and for our clients.

And by the way, the project isn’t completed until our clients are completely satisfied with the job we’ve done. After construction is finished, we clean up and move the crew out then give you the opportunity to check everything over and let us know if anything was missed or needs to be changed.

Even after all is said and done, we are always available to answer your questions. Just give us a call!

Unique Solutions. Beautiful Results.

  • Stone Work
  • Water Features
  • Sod & Irrigation
  • Plant Material
  • Final Grade
  • Landscape Design
  • Lighting
  • Wood Work
  • Fences & Decks

What our clients are saying

We Are Passionate About Our Planet!

Locally Sourced Materials

By choosing local suppliers for up to 90% of our landscaping products, RCLcanada minimizes transportation costs and turnaround time on all our projects in and around Edmonton.

Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint

At RCLcanada, keeping things green and full of life is intrinsic to our business. We use only new vehicles and equipment, which have virtually zero harmful emissions.

Reducing Waste From Our Sites

Most discarded landscaping materials can be repurposed into something useful. We recycle old concrete, wood, plastic, glass, and cardboard from our job sites.

Build Your Perfect Outdoor Space

We specialize in building custom designs for your outdoor spaces. No matter the size of your landscaping project, we approach each job with professionalism and excellence to give you a beautiful yard to enjoy for years to come. Fill out our online quote and start planning your new outdoor haven today!