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RCLcanada is proud to be Edmonton’s best choice for landscaping projects. We love transforming yards into beautiful outdoor living spaces, complete with water features, rock gardens, fire pits, decks and fences. RCLcanada’s landscape architects are design experts! They can work with your space and within your budget to bring your yard dream to life, with unique, customized features and designs. Trust RCLcanada with your home. We don’t subcontract any aspects of our landscape projects. All our designs, landscaping and overall work is completed by our own employees, for greater efficiency and better control. This ensures everything is done to the highest quality and meets our exacting standards. And yours.

Trust RCLcanada to complete your landscaping project on time and on budget. You should be confident that your contractor is trustworthy and dependable, not just out to make a quick buck. At RCLcanada, we start with consultation and a detailed landscape design before any money changes hands. Our business is organized to minimize the financial risk for our customers. Your trust is that important to us. Trust RCLcanada to be responsive to your needs. For nearly 40 years, we’ve grown our business by focusing on customer service, by building relationships with our clients and not stopping until everyone is satisfied with the finished project. RCLcanada provides professional residential landscaping services in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Devon, Leduc and the entire Capital Region.

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

Call or e-mail our office to set up a free consultation. Together we will talk about your outdoor space you have available and discuss creative ideas and concepts for landscaping design project, with consideration for placement of features and yard dimensions. We will also set up a preliminary project schedule and give you an idea of how long the job will take, as well as an estimated start and finish date. You will leave with a sketch, outlining the design project and everything discussed at the meeting.

When we say Free Consultation, we mean just that. The fact that you are meeting with our expert design crew does not mean you are obligated to hire us to beautify your outdoor space.

Keep in mind the consultation process will take some time, so set aside a few hours, especially if you have larger outdoor spaces or more elaborate landscaping design projects in mind.

Step 2: Quote

We don’t just estimate the cost of a project; we provide an accurate, precise quote and calculate actual costs related to your landscaping project. We start with an initial quote that lays out all the anticipated costs of the project. During the planning phase of your landscaping project, the initial quote is likely to change somewhat, as materials and supplies are sourced and decisions on colour, texture and brand are finalized.

Once a final quote is in place and accepted, we only make changes when absolutely necessary, such as if plans are changed during the construction phase. We can guarantee there will be no surprises at the end of the landscaping job, as we are confident when we provide you with the initial quote.

Step 3: Planning

Once the initial quote is approved and accepted, we get to work hammering out the details of your landscaping project. First step is to complete the architectural drawings, if your project requires them. We take our time on this to make sure we get all the details right. The next step is to source landscaping plants, supplies and materials. Custom orders can take extra time so it is important to get those decisions made as soon as possible. This phase includes visits to greenhouses and trips to suppliers to ensure we have selected the proper materials, colours and textures that suit both your preferences and the outdoor space. We welcome input from our clients during this stage to help ensure an end product that leaves you completely satisfied.

There is also time to make any additions or corrections to the initial quote before it is finalized and you sign off on it. Once the quote is finalized and accepted, we can start ordering landscaping materials and applying for necessary permits needed before we can break ground on your landscaping design project.

Step 4: Construction

As part of the landscaping design planning process, we will set an agreed upon estimated start date, which is usually a five-day window within which construction actually begins. Once we start working on your project, our crew will be on site every day until the job is done. We don’t jump from site to another. We ensure each project is complete from start to finish before we move our crew and equipment to the next landscaping job. We believe this is the most efficient way to work and helps reduce costs for us and our clients.

The estimated completion date of your landscaping project also has a five-day window, which we expect to have it completed. This includes debris and garbage cleaned up and all equipment moved from your outdoor space.

During construction, feel free to contact our office to discuss what’s happening with the project, ask questions or suggest changes. We understand circumstances and preferences sometimes change, even in the middle of a job. Our goal is to make our customers happy so we’ve learned to roll with changes and be as accommodating as possible to ensure the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.

Step 5: Final Results

At RCLcanada, we aren’t finished with a landscaping project until you are satisfied. Once construction is finished, we walk you through each aspect of the landscaping, features and new builds to ensure each item is exactly how you want it to look. At this point, we expect you will let us know if anything isn’t right, if something has been missed or isn’t working as it should. We want you to be comfortable and satisfied with the completed landscaping project. We won’t sign off on a completed project and hand it over to you until we’re assured you’re entirely happy with it. Even after a project has been completed, we’re still available to answer your questions, respond to your concerns and offer advice on maintenance and upkeep on your new, beautiful outdoor space!


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